Early on July 29, our 2nd child was born. We named him Sam. He was a gorgeous little fella and we joyfully welcomed him to the world. From birth, it was apparent his skin was different. We noticed it immediately as it was patchy.The paediatrician brushed it off as normal. Later, we found out he has severe eczema and a string of allergies – most of which are food related. That was the start of our roller coaster ride with daily struggles in managing his itchy skin, crying spells, and sleepless nights. It was certainly not easy!

At that time, we knew very little about eczema and allergies, and certainly had no idea that we have to carry EpiPens and other medications. Unfortunately, Sam was hospitalised twice due to allergic reactions and we learnt the hard way to keep him in a safe environment. The struggles hit our family hard as we became isolated due to Sam’s environment and food limitations. We were fortunate, though, to have a handful of friends and my sister who stood by us.   


After a year or so, we realised we need to do more.

In 2014 Stuart and I decided to sell up our home and relocate to Brisbane from Perth. Needing more family support, Brisbane was where his parents and sister were. Sam was just under 2 years old. Moving forward, our decision proved fruitful when we discovered an excellent Allergist on the Gold Coast. Sam’s eczema cleared under her guidance, but we have had to maintain the changes to our lifestyle, in order to provide Sam with a safe environment.

The Allergist prescribed Sam with 2 EpiPens, medication, creams, eye drops, nasal spray, and helped us with a lot of useful reading material. From that moment, we started carrying a medicine bag for Sam wherever we went. Initially it was a lunch bag, which became Sam’s’ makeshift medicine bag. Gradually it was worn out and we bought another insulated lunch bag as replacement. The lunch bag was a tad big and clumsy and it was a chore carrying it constantly.     

Stuart and I have always had passion for designing and manufacture. Stuart has a trade and production background in canvas works. We had attempted a handmade leather bags business a few years ago; however family circumstances inhibited the growth there. It gave us an idea though. And our need for a Practical Medicine Bag for Sam led us to start up PracMedic Bags®.

Stuart and I are pedantic with functionality and quality of products we use. In turn, we channel our motto and creativity into PracMedic Bags. We will ensure that every medical bag or medical case produced by us is “Pragmatic and Premium Quality”.

And, we are proud to say when you use a PracMedic Bags®, you will “Know the Difference”.

The PracMedic Bag isn’t only useful as an allergy medicine carrying case or EpiPen carrying case – but for a full range of health and allergy requirements.  We sincerely wish you enjoy using PracMedic Bags as much as we do.

P.S. We relocated back to Perth in 2019 as we are now armed and prepared to manage Sam's eczema and food allergies. We are grateful to the tribe in PracMedic Bags for supporting us in this journey. With your support, we are proud to share the growing range of PracMedic Bags. Thank you!