Where Do Dust Mites Breed in Your Home?

dust mites

If you have allergies or asthma you’ve definitely heard of dust mites. If not, then here’s an overview of what dust mites are.

Dust mites are an insect-like pest that is invisible to the naked eye. Yes, they are a microscopic pest that commonly triggers allergic reactions and asthma in many people. To add more details, dust mites are not parasites since they don’t bite, sting or burrow into our bodies. It is their body fragments and fecal pellets that are harmful allergens that trigger allergic rhinitis and dust mite allergy with symptoms of a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, congestion, facial pressure, and wheezing.

Dust mites can live anywhere in our home but there are common areas where they prosper and flourish. If you plan to find and get rid of them, it’s better to know these places in our homes:


bed with white sheets

Dust mites feed on dead human skin cells that are in dust and our bed is like a catch basin for their main source of food. Thousands of dust mites can be found in our bed and mattresses so make sure to regularly wash your beddings and vacuum your bed itself to remove dust mites. We will share some tips on how to eliminate dust mites as we move along with this article.

Lamp Shades

lamp shade beside the bed

Most materials being used in lamp shades are dust friendly, meaning dust easily adheres to it. If it’s removable and machine washable, please make sure to regularly wash it or if not then vacuum those dust away to get rid of the mites.


comforters with pillows

Some of us have guest rooms and we always make it ready for accommodation. Even if you’re not using that bed, it can be infested with dust mites so make sure to wash it regularly as well.

Decorative Stuff Toys

stuffed toys

Oh, these toys are dust catchers, especially if untouched for a long period of time. Make sure that they’re clean before letting your kids play with them again or better yet store them in a container instead. If you have time, washing machine and vacuum cleaners are your allies in cleaning them so go ahead and give it a spin or a good vacuuming.

If you’re getting a general idea, dust mites are called dust mites for a reason, so anywhere there is dust, there’s a chance that they’re there as well. Good thing there’s a way to permanently eliminate them in your home.

Air-conditioning and dehumidifier

1. Humidity is Key – Dust mite exists naturally especially in humid areas, keep your home below 50% humidity and dust mites won’t strive in it. Air-conditioning and dehumidifier can greatly help with this and opening up your windows during dry days for an hour a day will surely remove humidity.

2. Mop Floors As Often As Possible – Dust is light and can easily shatter if not careful. Make sure to use a damp mop or cloth when dusting to avoid getting these mites airborne.

3. Reduce Furniture – Minimize the areas in your home where dust can accumulate then be forgotten. These areas are normally where our furniture and decorative displays are. If you can remove some of them to easily gain access to these areas it is best to do so.

4. No Carpet Rule – Especially if someone is allergic to dust or dust mites then this rule should definitely apply. Remove existing carpets may it be on wall or stairs.

Remember that dust mites don’t remain airborne, they hold on to particles that are heavy to stay afloat so check out the areas in your home where dust is accumulating and start cleaning from there. Don’t forget to wear a mask and/or goggles when cleaning to avoid allergy attacks.





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