How to obtain Epinepherine Auto-Injector if you’re on a Tight Budget?

Having an EpiPen® may mean life or death to someone with allergies, and with the high price of EpiPen®, not everyone with the condition can afford it. At the time of wiritng this post, Mylan’s EpiPen® is retailing for US$600 – US$700 (price is subject to change) per two-pack carton. According to Mylan, the reason behind the high price is the improvements they made with the product.

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We always remind and encourage people with allergies to carry their Epinepherine Auto Injectors (EAI). However, what if we can’t afford it? How can we get our hands on the only known treatment for anaphylaxis?

Top Five Tips to Acquire Epinepherine Auto Injector (EAI) on a Tight Budget

In line with these questions, here are the top five things that you can do to acquire an EAI  if you’re on a tight budget.

1. Speak to your Doctor or Allergist

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Your family doctor or allergist is your connection to pharmacies, insurance companies, schools, and advocates. Through these connections, your doctor is a great resource about discount coupons, insurance plans, and grants to make it possible for you to have an EAI

2. Study Your Insurance Plan and Local State Health Programs

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Sometimes, the assistance that we need is right under our noses but we didn’t consider it. If you are employed and have private health coverage, study the benefits offered. Some health insurance plans cover EpiPen® or EAI. You can also check out your local state health programs to gain support for acquiring EAI.

3. Check Out Different Pharmacies and their Offerings

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Don’t hesitate to call your local pharmacies and know the availability of EAIs and their costing. The offerings differ from small to big pharmacies, so it is helpful to expand your search and make some comparisons.

4. Take Advantage of Mylan’s or Auvi-Q’s Assistance Programs

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These big and popular EAI brands or companies are giving assistance to those who can’t afford their products. You can contact them or better yet, check their websites for more information on how you can take advantage of their assistance programs.

5. Knowing your Epinepherine Auto Injectors (EAIs)

There are several approved EAIs for consumers to choose. We have listed them below for your reference.


As listed above, EpiPen is a popular choice but, its high price can make it a challenge to obtain for those on a tight budget. Feel free to explore to use above-mentioned tips to obtain your EpiPen.

The 1st generic EpiPen is manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals and are used for patients who weigh more than 33 pounds.


Adrenaclick is manufactured by Impax  and it is similar to EpiPen as they are using the same technology to administer the drug. The retail price of Adrenaclick is close to US$500 per two-pack carton. However, an alternative is generic Adrenaclick which you can obtain for US$110 per two-pack from CVS pharmacy. You could possibly obtain generic Adrenalick for US$10 only with a US$100 coupon at the time of this post.


This epinephrine device was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in June 2017. It’s manufactured by Adamis Pharmaceuticals but currently only available in hospitals and clinics.


Auvi-Q is also a popular choice of brand name EAI. It’s smaller than EpiPen and looks more like a small cellphone. Auvi-Q is technologically advanced as it gives out verbal instructions on how to administer it. Even though Auvi-Q is expensive, you can get this auto-injector for $0 through the manufacturer’s direct delivery service. This program is only applicable to eligible commercially insured patients.

Epinephrine is the only known treatment for anaphylaxis presently. We encourage you to dig deeper and do your research before obtaining your EAI. Please feel free share your comments if have any other ideas on how to obtain EAIs on a tight budget.

Disclaimer: EpiPen®, Auvi-Q®, Adrenaclick®, and Sympjepi® did not endorse PracMedic Bags® nor affiliated to PracMedic Bags.



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