Epinephrine And Anaphylaxis


It is normal for us to submit to our needs. We eat when we’re hungry and drink when we’re thirsty. So why are we not as vigilant when it comes to our allergies? Like food to hunger and water to thirst, epinephrine is to anaphylaxis. But studies show that most people suffering from allergies don’t use or carry their epinephrine auto-injectors (EAI).

We find this disturbing for many reasons, so we wanted to bring you the facts.

Epinephrine Underuse Statistics


According to researchers, 52% of individuals with life-threatening allergies that were tested didn’t use their prescribed auto-injectors when anaphylaxis occurred. The survey also found that while 89% of respondents were confirmed to have EAI prescription, only 55% carried their EAI with them. And only 21% of those people actually knew how to use it, despite 78% of them having been hospitalized as a result of anaphylaxis.

Reasons Behind The Statistics

Experts found a number of reasons why people didn’t use or carry their EAI:

  • Limited supplies of EAI due to manufacturer issues and regional supply disruption
  • Patients think their allergy is not severe enough to carry an EAI
  • Patients think they won’t get allergic reactions if they’re careful enough
  • EAI price and its bulkiness
  • Lack of understanding about the EAI

Let’s Encourage the Use and Carrying Of EAI (EpiPen, Auvi-Q)

epipen case black

We believe education creates awareness. Don’t get tired of explaining why EAI is important even to those with mild allergic reactions. Replace this dangerous habit with a good one – be adamant about carrying EAI. Train and practice using your EAI at home and don’t forget to always include calling the emergency hotline after administering it.

We can’t reiterate enough the importance of having an EAI with us at all times. One of the many reasons why we created our Sammie Medicine Case is to encourage people with allergies to always carry their EpiPen or Auvi-Q and other important medication. We can’t anticipate when an allergic reaction will occur and we don’t have control over any exposures to allergens or allergy triggers, especially outdoors. Having our EpiPen or Auvi-Q with us at all times not only makes us safer than those who don’t carry one, but it also provides our loved ones some peace of mind which is one way to show that we also care for them.


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