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PracMedic Bags Lockable, Insulated, Travel Medicine Bag – (Black)



PracMedic Bags premium-quality medicine bags are designed to be Fashionable and Pragmatic. Holds Epipens, Auvi-Q, Asthma Inhaler & Spacer or Diabetic Supplies, your personal medicine organizer – grab and go with T-MEDS Bag.

You will have a peace of mind knowing your essential medicine ie. EpiPens, Auvi-Q, Adrenaclick, Insulin Pens, and kit are easily accessible when needed. These well-engineered medical bags are reliable and durable, and handmade with the utmost care. We scrutinise every aspect of the process to ensure you receive only quality medicine bags that serve your needs.

The PracMedic Bags isn’t only useful as an allergy medicine bag or Diabetic Bag – but for a full range of health and allergy requirements.

Take this Compact and Lightweight Travel Medicine Bag with you to school, field trips, camps, travel, work, or simply put it to great use everyday!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – PracMedic Bags stands by its premium quality medical bags. 1-Year limited warranty is included with registration.

Medicine Organiser

Organize Your Allergy & Asthma medicine, Diabetic supplies or First Aid paraphernalia

Use your T-MEDS Medicine Bag as your medicine organizer. It comes with 4 small pockets on one side of the bag to hold small medical items and 2 larger pockets on the other side of the bag to hold larger medical paraphernalia. T-MEDS Bag is designed with 3.5″ width to hold medical items such as your Asthma spacer & mask, large bottle of Benadryl, or Diabetic Glucagon. You can also use your T-MEDS Bag as your First Aid Bag and fill it with your customized first aid paraphernalia.

Allergy & Asthma Bag

PracMedic Bags T-MEDS Bag- your Allergy and Asthma Bag

Are you looking for a compact-size Asthma & Allergy Meds Bag? T-MEDS Bag may be your solution. It is designed to hold your medicines such as; EpiPens or Auvi-Q or Adrenaclick, your Asthma Inhaler, Spacer & Mask, your anti-histamine ie. liquid Benadryl, plus nasal spray, eye drops and possibly more!

T-MEDS Bag is padded and insulated to protect your medicine – giving you a peace of mind.

Diabetic Supplies Bag

Diabetic Supplies Bag for your everyday use or for travelling

T-MEDS Medicine Bag is insulated with 6mm PE foam to protect your meds. Use your T-MEDS Bag to organize your diabetic supplies, so you have your meds ready & handy when you are on the go.

First Aid Bag

T-MEDS Insulated Medicine Bag is your multi-purpose Medic Bag

Are you looking for a medic bag to hold your kid’s EpiPens in their prescription boxes for school purpose?

Are you looking for a Lockable Medicine Bag to lock away your meds and to comply with regulatory requirement?

T-MEDS Medicine Bag is designed with that in mind and to serve your medical needs.

The facade of the bag is printed with the word MEDS plus the Medic symbol helps with quick and easy recognition.


T-MEDS Lockable Medicine Bag- comes with Double Zippers

You have the option to attach your preferred TSA lock in the loop of the double zippers. So, you have a peace of mind knowing your meds are safe and not accessed by kids. However, PracMedic Bags cannot assure the safety of your meds if an adult cut through the fabric of the bag.


FREE Pill Case

Pill Case is included, so you could store and organize your pills and vitamin supplements.


Vital Info (ICE Card)

T-MEDS Bag- comes with Emergency Contact Info Card (ICE)

T-MEDS Bag is Compact and Lightweight

The ICE Card may be your life saver in an emergency situation. It is a bi-fold card and it is prominently displayed on the back of T-MEDS Bag. You and your physician’s name & contact info, plus medical information can be accessed quickly and easily when needed.

T-MEDS Bag is designed to be lightweight and compact. So, you feel comfortable toting it on the go.


You have a peace of mind knowing your T-MEDS Bag comes with 1-Year Limited Warranty. We are confident you can rely on this travel medicine bag to last longer than its warranty period.


Actual product design, colour, and size may differ as this is a handmade product. Hence, it is normal for the actual product to vary slightly in dimensions, weight, and colour from the product specifications listed. But, its premium quality is unequivocal


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