COMPACT Epipen Carrying Case 

Perfect for my Epi-Pens and Inhalers – Cher Ann

This is exactly what I was looking for to carry my epi-pen and asthma inhaler. I’m allergic to bee venum and have horrible asthma. This humidity in PA the past few days have been very hard for me to breathe. I purchased the red bag so if I’m unable to get to my pen then anyone can see it immediately as an emergency bag. The black, IMHO, looks to much like a makeup bag or not something emergency. It is made very well, and has perfect insulation…

I recommend this to anyone needing this for epi pens, asthma inhalers or any thing else that needs to be kept in a cooler environment while out and about… 

Great Quality – Julia P Drake

We’ve only had this bag for a couple months, but it has been awesome. Very durable, still looks brand new even though it’s constantly tossed, moved around, and just generally manhandled. It seems to be insulated well enough to keep meds cool, but I also haven’t left it in the car or anything else excessive. The inserts are nice, and the funnel is very useful for putting Benadryl in the included small canister. We will probably be purchasing another for our school set of epis.  

Great for Auvi-Q – Ashley Burgess

I bought this to carry my son’s Auvi-Q epinephrine auto injectors. They fit perfectly, there’s a pocket for each on inside which Kees everything securely in place. There’s also enough room for a third injector or trainer. I also rolled up his frio bag and put it in there so it’s conveniently stored for when we need it for hot days. I’m very happy with the info card that comes with this as well. I also bought some keychains to hang from the bag that say his allergy and Epi inside. Overall, very glad I purchased this and would buy it again! 


Convenient bag, fantastic customer service from PracMedic - Alex

The customer service of PracMedic is above and beyond!
These bags are great-they will be useful for carrying our epipens on a typical day and we are pleased with them. However, upon contacting PracMedic directly from their website, they aren't what we were looking for specifically. (However, they still meet the need we had for day to day carry). We have been looking for something to use in very cold weather when hiking etc. PracMedic was very open and honest and told me this bag wasn't meant to be a temperature control bag. What I am so impressed with, however, is that they responded again and told me of a product that would fit my needs in this area.
I am happy to have purchased this PracMedic product, as it will perfect for us for daily routine use, even though I have now purchased something else for our cold weather, longer outings.


SAMMIE Epipen Carry Case 

Holds more than I thought! – Homeschool Mommy

Love this bag! I can fit my 2 EPIPENS, inhaler, a small bottle of benadryl, and even my respirator face mask in this, and it still is compact, fits in my purse, and is still all easily accessible!! Plus there’s a place for my rx list. And if that’s not enough to be happy about there are various ways to carry it or hook it on to my stuff. Also, contacted them about getting my bag registered for the warranty and was contacted almost immediately. Very pleased all the way around. 

Great Epi bag! – H. Moore

Very impressed with the quality of this bag, and the padded sides make items inside feel extra protected. I like that this one looks ‘official’ (for lack of a better word), as my 10 year old self carries her meds, but would need adult assistance if she needed to use epi inside. The only thing I’d change if I could would be to remove the stitching that create the epi-pen sized pockets. We personally use Auvi-Q’s, so I’ve used this pocket for benedryl chewables instead but it’d be more practical if the stitching wasn’t there. As it is, I have used the front side pockets for an Auvi-Q and Trainer cartridge, the back large pocket contains a second Auvi-Q cartridge along with with small vials for emergency meds (Zantac, Zyrtec, and prednisone), and the long thin pockets have Benedryl chewables. Everything fits and feels secure though, so 5 stars! 

Great Product! – Jeffery W Broome

Absolutely wonderful. I ordered the bright yellow one. Perfectly sized to put my critical medications to grab-and-go. Perfect for travel and people on the go. Parents; absolutely a must for the kids going to school and out-and-about. Has the first-aid cross emblazzed on it. Emergency alert zipper pulls available seperately. Hand strap and can be attached to bookbag/backpack. I can’t find one reason not to have one for emergency use. Jeffery W. Broome, United States Marine Corps 

Keeps my EpiPen and other meds in the dark, safe and cool while I am outside – Firebreather

I just got my Sammie Medicine Case a couple of weeks ago now and its been keeping my EpiPen in the dark, safe and cool while I travel around home, work, etc… here in Florda where its been 90+ for a month now or more during the day. A lot of medicine does not like light or heat and this tiny bag keeps my life saving and expensive medicine safe from all that, plus its out of prying eyes. The bag seems to be durable, yet easy to open with the large zipper pull. At this time I am extremely happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone needing something in this category. 


SAMMIE Epipen Carrying Case for Kids 

Great grab and go for allergy supplies! – Frowny4

I have been carrying our son’s epi-pens and benadryl around in a insulated lunch bag, but it is way too big and bulky so finally gave in a bought this case. So glad I did! There are pockets to stash his benadryl tablets, inhaler and two epi-pens and a spot to put an ice pack when needed. We live in an area where temps are cold in winter and currently over 100 degrees in summer so this pack helps keep the temps consistent. If we are just running errands, I do not use an ice pack and it works great. On these 90-100 degree or more days I do put an ice pack in when we are outdoors for more than a couple of hours just to be safe. I just use a cylindrical “ice tube” that came with one of our water bottles and it fits perfectly!

Love the outer pocket for allergy action plan/contact info and all the strap/carrying options.

It is compact enough to through in his backpack or my medium sized purse, yet large enough to be noticeable when I leave it out on our counter at home. Love that all his things are compactly together in ONE spot that I can just “grab and go”.

An absolute must!! – ACline88

I bought this bag so I could have something to carry around my sons EpiPens in. I wanted something that would let people know that it was for a child. As soon as I seen this I knew I needed to get it. I always keep it in my purse so I can always have it. Anytime I pull it out I get so many compliments on it. I love that fact that it’s insulated and when we go somewhere that we’ll be outside in the heat I can put a small ice pack in there and it keeps everything this cool. Theres other pockets inside so you put other things in side too. There enough room to keep a bottle of benadryl and a dispenser with the pens except when I have to put the ice pack in there. So any given time I usually have some band aids, benadryl cream, benadryl liquid, a dispenser and two EpiPens. It very durable. Ive had this for a little over 6 months and mine still looks brand new. Highly recommend for anyone thats has to carry EpiPens!! 

The perfect little case! – April Ure

This case is just adorable and holds the two Epipens and the trainer perfectly. Makes something that can seem so scary into something pretty cute!  I love that it has emergency contact info in it as well. This little bag actually fell out of the diaper bag when we were at the airport and the airline was able to get our contact info off of the case and call us to come pick it up. Thank goodness!! I love this little case and would recommend it to anyone! 

Sturdy and Convenient – Stacey

This product goes everywhere with us. My son has a food allergy, and we trust this case to hold his EpiPens and other medication in the instance that he has a reaction. It is big enough to hold all that we need, is sturdy enough to handle all of our travels, and it convenient enough to take with us that it never feels like it’s in the way. I trust this case with my son’s life, and I highly recommend it. 



*Reviews were extracted from our Amazon store.